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Projects and Series


Traquair maze "Hidden Doors" commission

To celebrate the 40th birthday of the Traquair Maze at Traquair House, 5 artists were selected to each create a "hidden door" to be installed somewhere within the huge hedge maze. For my contribution, I borrowed some architectural features of Traquair house and whimsically scaled them down into a doorway fit for the “wee folk”. I chose to encompass the stone in interweaving plant-like tendrils, as if the roots of the hedge it sits under have ensnared it and integrated it into the maze.

The Traquair Maze is open to the public, more details can be found here: 


The Artifact Series

The Artifact series is somewhat inspired by the Antikythera mechanism, an ancient Greek mechanical contraption considered to be an analogue computer that was retrieved from the sea floor in the early 20th century. The Artifacts are an arrangement of mechanistic components and devices with sharp lines and hard edges, countered by the sweeping, undulating, plantlike tendrils which envelop them. They are an imagining of an ambiguous ancient technology, left by a forgotten civilization to be reclaimed by nature and subsequently fossilized. They are a contemplation upon what may yet be left undiscovered about our history and place upon the planet, about our relationship with technology, and a consideration of what objects of our present we will leave for archaeologists millennia into the future to discover.


Artifact 1

A2ABG2 USE.jpg

Artifact 2


Artifact 3



Artifact 4




The Assyrian carvings

The carvings of the Neo-Assyrian Empire of Iron Age Mesopotamia strike me as being some of the most impressive examples of relief carving ever made. I was inspired to try my hand at whether I could replicate their style and level of detail by carving my own modern takes on two ancient carvings.
The first of which, the masked winged genie was purchased by the British Museum and although is not on display, it was mentioned in the British Museum Middle East Newsletter (6) and can be viewed here:
The bird headed genie with device is still available to purchase.

goodgenie (1).jpg

Book of Kells standing stone

A private commission for a customer who kindly enabled me to really test the limits of how intricately I could carve in the Celtic style. Carved in Cumbrian green slate, it features two designs borrowed from the 9th Century manuscript the "Book of Kells".

book of kells carving
book of kells carved stone
book of kells carved P
standing stone


Roxburghe Coat of Arms carved in commemoration of the 10th Duke of Roxburghe

I was commissioned to carve the Roxburghe Coat of Arms to mark the passing of the 10th Duke of Roxburghe. The stone was installed in the 20th Century memorial cloisters situated at the foot of the towering remains of Kelso Abbey and can be viewed by the public during Abbey opening hours.

Roxburghe coat of arms
heraldic boar
Roxburghe crest
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